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Aspiratore per Trucioli ITS prezzo 370 euro

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Aspiratore per Trucioli ITS prezzo 370 euroAspiratore per Trucioli ITS prezzo 370 euroAspiratore per Trucioli ITS prezzo 370 euro

ITS single-bag Shavings extractor fan
To work in a clean and healthy working environment. At an incredible price.
Chunky solid will be your companion for a long time.

To keep clean and efficient our cars whether they are combined, saws, Planer, thickness planers, surface Planer is essential to install a dust Extractor. Work on a clean and tidy helps to work safely.
Our vacuum cleaner is designed to assist any of our car, sucking in debris of woodworking. The sawdust produced by excision of the wood, tools, in the form of wood chips, thanks to the vacuum produced by the fan, are picked up and conveyed through flexible plastic pipes with a diameter of 100 mm in the aspiration, where sink to the bottom. The same way they could get the dust, which are produced with wood shavings.
The dust and wood shavings Extractor is designed to develop in height in order to occupy as little space as possible to the ground. For this reason the vacuum cleaner it is very convenient in tight spaces. Its footprint is 850 mm long x 500 mm width. In order not to impede the passage, when not in use, can be easily moved thanks to four wheels on which it is resting, dust vacuum cleaner on wheels as well as being handy isn't even particularly heavily, indeed empty weights about 51 kg, full is Another thing. The cargo volume to full pockets can reach 0.153 cubic volume. A volume that certainly has allowed a very good autonomy, letting you work in peace, concentrate on your creation. Obviously does not expect that the bag fills up completely, because it goes to saturate the filter surface of the bag itself. The pump unit composed of impeller and impeller diameter 125 mm input, on which two inlet ports from 100 mm in diameter. The outlet, which flows on the pockets of sawdust, storage is 300 mm in diameter.
The two bags have a diameter of 500 mm and a height of 800 mm each and the total height of the vacuum cleaner into operation reaches two metres.
Engine power needed to ensure the ability to move 43 cubic meters per minute and 1.5 kw, which enables you to suck up chips, dust and sawdust at the rate of 1,500 CFM
Over time you have made many small changes that make our indestructible wood dust vacuum cleaner. A nice steamy indeed.

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Prezzo: 370.00 €


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