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Combinata 7 lavorazioni monofase ITS 300 prezzo 3400

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Combinata 7 lavorazioni monofase ITS 300 prezzo 3400Combinata 7 lavorazioni monofase ITS 300 prezzo 3400Combinata 7 lavorazioni monofase ITS 300 prezzo 3400Combinata 7 lavorazioni monofase ITS 300 prezzo 3400Combinata 7 lavorazioni monofase ITS 300 prezzo 3400

Professional combo for wood ITS 300
Why try a combinata per legno usata minimax when for the same price you can have a professional joinery combo at a cheaper price?
Combined with our machine you can build completely independently of your home Windows and doors: patio doors, even with door and flips, starting from the raw lumber you will build your window or your doors with thermal break glass so simple and safe at home, buying only the woodwork and hardware store (in addition to the double glazing)
Associating a machine combined with 7 processes, as our single phase 220 Volt powered ITS 300, should not mislead. The solution to single phase motor 2 hp, power of 2.7 KW is due to meet the need to adapt the combined to those without a connection to three-phase current. The combined three-phase and single-phase remains identical to combo differs only for the engine. All other parts remain unchanged compared to the combined three-phase. Is not a machine "toy" for hobbyists. His weight 530 kg, speaks volumes. Our combined with seven works, won't charge on the trunk of a car. Although by unscrewing 4 bolts the size can be contained within 160 cm long and a width of 110 cm and a height of 120 cm, you are dealing with a major machine, small dimensions when considering the substance of machinery.
This allows, while working with line voltage, domestic, work thicknesses without compromising safety. Structural stiffness can bear loads due to long and heavy pieces without hesitation. And this happens for all processes. In the case of the Planer shaft from 70 mm is taken to 5650 RPM rotation on a 300 mm wide. Move your piece guides and table, from a metre and a half long, make sure and precise planed flush, by softening the surface. 220 V power does not affect the proper functioning of the thicknesser sleeping steps 22 cm thick and 300 mm wide, sliding the wood to be planed to thickness for cast iron from 30 cm wide and 66 in length. The driver makes it very quick passage of the boards to be planed to thickness with a speed of seven meters per minute, you will not have a connection to 220 volts to limit your creativity but especially the performance of our combined.
To cut the lumber you will use the circular saw also powered by single phase motor, which saw 250 mm disc disc holder at 4500 RPM spin speed, not bad for a connection of 3KW, though to make sure you do not have problems to know overload it would be better to have a connection to 4 KW, 5 KW, perfect and without problems 6 KW. Of course our only recommendations, but it would be appropriate to have some energy reserve, with a 3 Kw single phase connection that in Italy is the standard of living, simply turn on the iron's wife, while you are piallando, that the contactor could you take. In anticipation of this, better predict an oversized a bit more electricity, so as not to create problems to view combined single phase. Returning to quality workmanship on a 7 machine works, we remember the use of the engraver of 9 cm in diameter to 12 wafers of vidia and 3.1 mm thick that pre affects the table in such a way as to give perfect cutting edges. You can cut wood up to 8 cm high moral and tilt the blade and obviously the engraver (which is integral) up to 45°, in this case the maximum cutting often will be reduced to 50 mm.
For the slot you need to make holes, caves and silhouettes, the power available to more than oversized, and nothing affects the voltage single phase. Remain the maximum measurements that are 205 mm in length width 90 95 in depth. Hollow milling operations are performed with an effective system of moving a datum plane, which is done to translate with the help of levers, the measures are adjusted with mechanical limit switches, making it easy, fast and precise machining .
The combined 7-phase on timber milling machining achieves safely and high accuracy.
Although powered by 220 v, 30 mm tree performs well and without delay its task, pulling in 1950 3050, 6950 RPM 4300 or the cutter spindle type, whose maximum diameter can reach 160 mm. If you have already set of 30 mm shaft milling machines other than, let us know, we will ensure that you can reuse them. Every Groove can be run on a maximum height of 80 mm pure having 105 mm tall tree (with a range of 115 mm). Please contact us if you still have any doubt.

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