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Used bottling line AVE

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Used bottling line AVEUsed bottling line AVEUsed bottling line AVEUsed bottling line AVEUsed bottling line AVEUsed bottling line AVEUsed bottling line AVEUsed bottling line AVEUsed bottling line AVE


Producer AVE
Speed (BPH) 3.000 bph Direction Clockwise
Technical Details • Used bottling line AVE composed of:
• speed:
o 2.500 bph for sparkling wine
o 3.000 bph for still wine.
• Depalletizer GP ENGINEERING mod. COMPACT 52
• Filling monoblock isobaric AVE 24.24.6:
o Rinser 24 clamps single treatment - fixed nozzle
o Filler 24 valves with pre-evacuation and self-leveling
o Corker 6 head natural straight cork and mushroom cork.
• Caps orientator AVE
• Bottle washer/dryer CAMES mod. W DT 3/8
• Capsuling machine ROBINO & GALANDRINO mod. FENIX 2 suitable for pvc and polylaminate capsules
• Labeller AVE adhesive and cold glue mod. 12T 4S 4E suitable to apply:
o Front label and back label (adhesive and cold glue).
• Packing monoblock GP ENGINEERING mod. ISOLA 700:
o Box forming machine - american box
o Case packer single head with adjustable head
• Hives inserter AVE
• Box closing machine above and below hot glue AVE
• Palletizer GP ENGINEERING mod. PABR 50
• Wrap pallets semiautomatic AVE
• Level control FT SYSTEM mod. CL 100 complete with coveyor rejection system
• Label check FT SYSTEM mod. CE 300-2-CC001 complete with coveyor rejection system
• Weighs cartons WEICOMP mod. KD/CPW S/N 83623
• Inkjet marker for boxes ZANASI mod. Z JET 303
• Conveyor for bottles and boxes existing on the line with electrical control panel.
• Existing line formats included.
• Safety protections.
Code NP 401

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